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Emotional release/ past trauma spiritual bath box


& finally 🌿! The relationship emotional trauma release box .. dang that’s a long name but hey here it is ! Begin Release them soul ties , that nigga , emotional bullshit holding u down & cleanse your sacral chakra . , regain self love ,self nurturing self healing or if u just need to RE- damn LAX!❤️ bring in the love you deserve inside & out ! For more in depth details it will be listed on the site . What’s it’s this box is below over $100 dollar value for $45 introductory price

1st 3 orders comes with a free 15 min reading 🕯
Other order comes with free 3 card guidance pull
2 emotional release spiritual baths w/ 4detox packets
2 pink dressed self love candles ( will be sent with dressing herbs&oils
Palo santo or sage my choice
1 small homemade herb infused Florida water roller ball or jar my choice
1 Rose quartz healing crystal
1 sample of yummi yoni vaginal suppositories
1 notebook for scripting or journaling & release
1 Lokai bracelet or chakra bracelet - only first 5 orders will recieve this ( sold out )
And anything extra my spirit is led to send if I’m guided that something else is needed

Thank you for supporting me & The Laveaux Brand